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→ Font Design
→ Character Design
→ Motion Design

Condriac is a variable font that is activated depending on whether or not the safety distances are respected. If the two phones using the font are one meter apart, the font is extended, feeling comfortable, but the closer they get, the more condensed the font becomes, feeling cramped. I’ve also worked on some motion design to illustrate what we wanted to make with this variable font.

does it
work ?

Condriac is a display typeface inspired by the well known COVID-19. It varies according to social distancing and safety rules. The font is extended when the security distances are good between the two users, and condensed when they’re not.

Script : Latin
Styles : Condensed & Extended

Try it right here ! It's fun (;

(Just click on the text and type something)


To embody the virus, I drew a funny toxic green character who will interact with the font.
In the motion right below, the character understands that he triggers the font so he plays with it and do silly things to make it move.

Lire la vidéo


In this animation, we can see how the font changes when the virus is next to it. It was a fun way to represent the social distances and whether they are respected or not. Hope you liked it !

Disclaimer : No political commitment here, just a graphic designer having fun !