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Scène Nationale d'Albi


→ Illustration
→ Motion Design

The SNA (Scène Nationale d’Albi) is an artistic and cultural place which regularly hosts dance shows, theaters, circuses or concerts.
For this project, they wanted us to develop a whole new branding to attract a younger and larger audience. This project is one of my fullest, there is brand identity, illustration and motion design.

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To introduce the new SNA branding, I created a teaser with some graphic elements from the main poster. It shows the new artistic direction and also announces the start of the new season for the SNA.

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Here are 4 posters designed for the SNA. The style is flat, with 2 main colors of the chart and one under tone on each one of them. These illustrations are made with « counterforms » to create a link between all the elements on the composition.

Set of

Some flat icons to represent each show categories of the SNA. They represent opera, ballet, cinema, danse, humor, childhood, theater, music and circus. You can find them on the tickets for the shows.