Project Name

Image & Language

2021 to 2022

→ Layout
→ Writing
→ Image Processing

This thesis was my graduation project. It comes in two volumes for a total of 100 pages (they are available for free download at the bottom of the page if you feel like reading them someday). The first volume is about the evolution of pictorial language over time, and the second begins my final project which is about learning French through a graphic system. Once again, I would like to thank my tutor Vivien Gorse from Pepite who helped me a lot to structure my ideas and who encouraged me to publish this thesis in my book.

Concept Volume 01

The first part of this project is about the evolution of pictorial language over time. In this volume, I’ve studied and referenced all forms of pictorial languages, from cave paintings to emojis. It was super interesting to see where it all started and where it’s going now, to notice

what we kept and what we improved through the years.
I wanted to write something interesting but also, I wanted the final book to be beautiful and nice to read. So this whole project is a 50/50 between writing and layout.

Concept Volume 02

This second volume is based on the research I’ve made for the first volume, and I now introduce graphic design into this project. My studies on the evolution of figurative language shown me that images play an important role in our cultures, and even more nowadays. It gives a lot of emotions and allows us to reach a wider audience than the words that sometimes can block us. It breaks this famous “language border” which can often prove to be an obstacle to social life; and it’s this observation that made me lean on the case of reception classes in France. An important subject that we also can see in the news, with the hasty arrival of young Ukrainians in our country following the actions of the Russian President against Ukraine.

From this observation and in this context, it was necessary to create a concrete device capable of responding to a problem : How to facilitate the learning of French by a graphic system?

You can see what I’ve done to respond to this subject in my next project « Allo » soon available on my website.
Also, you can click on the buttons below to download my two volumes if you need them for your own studies or whatever (just think about credits ;))