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→ Branding
→ UI/UX Design
→ 3D

This project is about artificial intelligence. We were asked to design the robot of our dreams.
At this time, I was living in a country house with a big garden full of flies. And that’s how Walt was born. Walt is a frog shaped robot that catches flies to clean your house. During day time he walks around the house to chase the flies, and at night he stays on his basement to charge, but he keeps his mouth opened with a powerful perfume that attracts flies so they get stuck in his mouth. Smart huh?


Trying to find out what this little frog will look like with some sketches. Ended up with something pretty fun, discover it below (:

Lire la vidéo


To control Walt, I’ve designed an app that shows everything you need to know about your robot. First there is the night mode or the day mode to let him charge, the level of battery of your robot, the flies counting that changes through the day, the storage he has left, and finally a little widget for the weather (cause he is a frog, you get it ?)
There is also a page for personal settings, and to set up you robot for the first time, a page with all your robots of you need more than one (for big houses) and the contact page if you have a problem or something.